Introducing the all NEW Pro Street Series Convertable Clutch

Built from our original Convertable Clutch Technology that allows you to use the clutch as a

Single Stage engine driven lockup

Multi Stage engine driven lockup

Single Stage Slider

 The new T6 series clutch incorporates additional lockup arms over our previous model and provides more tuning parameters than ever before.

the new T6 series Convertable Clutch can be used in

 3 arm configuration,

4 arm configuration,

6 arm configuration

to provide precisely the amount of  lockup for your application.

In addition to the features listed above the T6 can be used as a

Triple Stage engine driven lockup

Multi Stage Slider

All in one revolutionary package BUT WAIT Theres More in slider mode you retain the use of the clutch lever so you can disengage the clutch in the event you need to abort a run without damaging an automatic transmission,or to minimize damage when you have a part failure.

You can also use this as a clutch lever override and launch the bike with the lever in slider mode and ride back up the return road at a safe speed.

T6 Lockup Arms and Pressure Plate Buttons are made from 01 Tool Steel and heat treated to 45 RC and Micropolished for reduced friction and long lasting toughness.

The T6 Clutch Assy is Hard Coat Nanodized using a proprietary proccess the provides a 80RC hardness for long lasting protection and a beautiful appearance.

Coupled with our NEW Pro Street Series Clutch Basket with the new Surface Area Reduction Technology,we have reduced the surface area in which the clutch tabs ride in the basket and eliminated the corners of the tab from contacting the basket for a smoother engagement and disengagement which has shown Very positive results in testing.

Our clutch baskets are rated for 800 Horse Power and come Hard Coat Nanodized in our proprietary annodizing proccess for long lasting wear and protection.
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Hayabusa Pro Street Series T6 Convertable Clutch

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